Developing The Paragraph`s Idea

Let’s start our first body paragraph what was it kills the topic sentence body paragraph first one topics in first body paragraph we came up with some ideas was the first one we came up with unit simple herb simple her yes that’s the first idea we came up with so why not we write a paragraph dealing with that yes it’s simpler that’s good question who is it simpler for students okay our teacher teachers teachers don’t win for not just yeah but teachers up who but you have to have a good idea though well we did the same the principles yes he can keep track everybody better yes everybody in the same uniform he knows who is who and what is what okay somebody said students anybody else yeah. Even more info on paragraphs at Edusson.

That bill will put that under principals parents yes cuz parents don’t have to spend a whole lot of money with our little fancy clothes you want to wear every day I mean the uniforms are cheap but they’re a bit cheaper than you know I don’t know what yeah I mean you know I don’t do do fashion so I was in Mecca Jesus they still wear makeup okay I at any rate yes FUBU yeah nobody wears fool boy the diesel okay all right at any rate well it makes it simple for the parents okay now what we got that now what we ready we ready also we need to do something else more brainstorming okay how about this right here now we need to start developing it now some methods to make sure your paragraph is well developed okay we got the frame I see the frame we got that so now we need to do something like use examples in the illustrations yes yes a site data yes yes and we need to examine testimony on me you know if you’re doing that type of essay yes and use an antidote a story yes I don’t know about the girl got picked on because I don’t know something she was wearing and then they change to you not me whatever story you want to tell.

But yes this is how you are going to develop that so so what was missing what was missing in the previous slide what was missing yes we need to add some stuff to that stuff makes sense me to add stuff to that stuff that was the big stuff we took the big stuff and we broke it down to little big snow and I want to break it down to a little bitty stuff okay here we go that’s the stuff okay we go developing program up you want to define terms maybe you read it and understand uniform you want to compare and contrast what happened if the uniforms weren’t in if that students weren’t wearing to the student learning you know yes yes you want to evaluate causes and reasons you want to do these are the things.

Listen To Your Readers

Listen to your readers what does that mean so I thought that’d be nice to your readers and once you’d be nice to them you they want to listen to them so find guinea pigs and get them to read your paper now what’s a guinea-pig your guinea pig is a friend of yours who is willing to do you the honor of reading your paper so it’s like inoculating them with a drug right and you see where they fall over dead or squeak or what they do but you only have a limited supply of guinea pigs right so if you inoculate them all with the same paper then you don’t have the opportunity to recycle them so because once they’ve read it once they’re kind of immune they will never be able to read your paper again for the first time by definition so don’t use your friends up too quickly use them kind of one at a time or maybe two at a time the other thing is you need to explain very carefully to them what you want for them. Discover how to talk with your reader on Edusson.

It’s a my experience is constantly that if I give a paper to a friend of mine and say you know would you be kind enough to read this for me what they will tell me is this word is misspelled there’s a comma missing there the grammar in this sentence is not great did I want to know that when my paper is 99% complete absolutely yes but at every previous stage absolutely no what I want to know from them is I got lost in Section three do my friends tell me that you bet they don’t because they feel stupid right they got lost in Section three so they think are well Simon’s expert friends will all understand that you know I’m just an idiot but that’s not true right they are your guinea pigs you are trying to find where they get lost so you must tell them very carefully and unmistakable terms what I want to know is where you got lost or where you got unmotivated or where you thought is not my worth carrying on.

And then because they’re a friend of yours and you may be nearby you can get into the room with them and you say well where did you get lost and they say it’s here and you could say well suppose I explained it like this you get on the whiteboard and often ten minutes later they say ah now I understand why didn’t you say that you think ah why didn’t I say that so when you’re in this dialogue try to listen to yourself to see how you explained to your friend how to get over that little bump and then instead of and then put that explanation in your paper see what I mean in other words don’t treat it as being an exercise in you educating them in how stupid they were instead treated as an exercise in you learning from them what would be a good way to explain it you see the difference.